Free Tools

Providing free educational landuse tools and resources is an important priority for the ALCES Group.


An online mapping application that allows the user to visualize historic and future growth of towns and cities in Alberta aswell as Western Ausrailia. This application allows the user to explore alternative urban growth strategies and understand the consequences to human density and ecological goods and services. If a client wishes to have additional towns in Alberta, or elsewhere, added to this simulation model, please contact the ALCES Group and we will complete the settlement digitizing on a cost-neutral basis.

The initial version of ALCES Urban was funded by the ALCES Group, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, and the Government of Alberta.

Alberta Tomorrow

This online educational tool is being developed for high school students and focuses on helping them understand the issues and opportunities of landuse in the province of Alberta. With Alberta Tomorrow, the students have control of the destiny of Alberta; building a future province that optimizes social, economic, and ecological goals.

The initial version of Alberta Tomorrow was funded by the ALCES Group, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries, Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Ecotrust, Alberta Research Council, Millar Western, Inside Education, Royal Alberta Museum, and Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Program. Lead by Jennifer Janzen and Matt Carlson, a new version of Alberta Tomorrow is being developed for students and should be available for use by the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Alberta Biophysical and Land Use Library

This online library gives the user the ability to view tabular, graphic, and mapping products that chronicle the history of landuse in Alberta. The user also has the ability to build their own metrics that incorporate different land use metrics into new equations.

The Biophysical and Land Use Library has been funded by the ALCES Group and the Government of Alberta (Department of Sustainable Resource Development, Department of Environmental Protection).