In the past few years, the ALCES Group has been most active in western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan), but have also completed several other projects in Canada on regional sustainability in Ontario, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

On the international stage, the ALCES Group and its Associates has been deployed on regional cumulative effects and ecosystem services projects in Alaska, Paraguay, Australia, Kenya, and India. In addition, the ALCES Group and its colleagues have considerable experience in completion of projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China.

Title Year Leader Location

An Spatial Assessment of Food Plant Opportunities in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia

Dr. Brad Stelfox, Dr. Janet Bornman, Australia
Western Australia

Alberta Oil Sands Development: Risks to Canadian Boreal Ecosystems

Matt Carlson, Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

Dynamics of the Terrestrial/Marine Interface, Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Dr. Fabio Boschetti, Dr. Brad Stelfox, Dr. Michael Hughes, Dr. Hector Lozano-Montes Australia
Western Australia

A Physical and Anthropogenic Atlas of Western Australia

Keywords: ALCES, Australia
Dr. Brad Stelfox, Curtin University, Integrated Futures Platform Australia
Western Australia

Development of modelling tools to address cumulative effects on summer range of the Bathurst Caribou Herd - A Demonstration Project

John Nishi Canada
Northwest Territories

Mixed Species Game Ranching in Kenya, East Africa

1982-1986 Dr. Brad Stelfox Kenya
Athi Plains

A Biophysical Assessment of the FMA of Daishowa Marubeni International

1998 Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

An Assessment of Changes in Ecological Goods and Services in the Northern East Slopes of Alberta

2003 Dan Farr, Brad Stelfox Canada

Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management for northeast British Columbia. Volume 2. Cumulative Effects Indicators, Thresholds, and Case Studies

2003 Terry Antoniuk Canada
British Columbia

Southern Alberta Sustainability Strategy

2004 Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

Cumulative Effects of Overlapping Land Uses on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

2004 Dr. Brad Stelfox United States of America

An exploration of alternative urban growth strategies for the City of Edmonton

2004 Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

Cumulative Effects of Land Uses in Strathcona County

2005 Dr. Brad Stelfox, Dr. Dan Farr Canada

Chapter 13. Implications of Historical, current, and likely future trajectories of human land uses and population growth to grizzly bears in the Alberta Portion of the Central Rockies Ecosystem

2005 Dr. Brad Stelfox, Steve Hererro, Delinda Ryerson Canada

The Ecology of bison movements and distribution both in and beyond Yellowstone National Park.

2005 Corm Gates, Brad Stelfox United States of America

Cumulative Effects of Land Uses in the Oldman River Drainage

2005 Brad Stelfox Canada

Southern Foothills Study

2005 Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

Exploring the effects of land use and translocation of elk in Jasper National Park

2005 Dr. Brad Stelfox Canada

Terasen Jasper National Park/Mt. Robson Pipeline Project

2006 Terry Antoniuk Canada

Mbaracayu Biosphere Reserve, Paraguay

2005-2006 Matt Carlson Paraguay

North Yukon Planning Region Land Use Scenario Modeling

2005-2007 S. Francis Canada
Yukon Territory

Assessing the Future Impacts of Conservation and Development in the Mackenzie Watershed

2007 Matt Carlson Canada
Northwest Territories

Old Crow, Northern Ecosystems Initiative

2008 Shawn Francis Canada

ALCES-based Habitat Simulation Modeling for Greater Sage-Grouse in Southeastern Alberta

2008 Greg Chernoff, Dr. Brad Stelfox, Guy Greenaway Canada

Point Pelee National Park

2008 Matt Carlson Canada
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