A demonstration of the ALCES Model for regional sustainability planning in the Akole Region of India

<P>At the request of the Watershed Organization Trust (<A href="http://www.wotr.org/" mce_href="http://www.wotr.org/">www.WOTR.org</A>), and with funding support from the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC), the ALCES Group in 2010 customized a version of ALCES 4 to explore the ecological, economic, and social consequences of alternative land use development trajectories in the Akole Region of India. In 2011, the ALCES Group provided an ALCES Training Workshop in Canada for WOTR management and staff. Following the completion of modeling, Dr. Stelfox of the ALCES Group visited India in January 2012, where he was hosted by WOTR and SDC, travelled to the Akole and Sangammer regions, and gave presentations to governmental and academic audiences.</P> <P>The next phase of the project will be the completion of a more detailed ALCES model that tracks an expanded suite of indicators relevant to the WOTR mandate and will assist local communities with exploring and understanding the consequences of alternative land use trajectories and the deployment of best management practices. This work will be completed during 2012 and 2012.</P>