Upper Bow River Basin Cumulative Effects Study

The goal of the UBBCES is to apply the best available information to understand the potential cumulative effects that all types of land-use could have on water availability and inferred water quality of the Upper Bow River Basin. Specifically, the intent is to apply this scientific information and local knowledge as an aid in the creation of a stewardship planning vision for the area.  The specific objectives of the UBBCES study are to:

  1. create awareness, inform and engage Calgary and up-stream area residents regarding cumulative effects of land-use on water quantity and quality;
  2. consolidate scientific and expert knowledge that will inform and assist government and other land-use policy-makers; and
  3. develop a planning tool for government and other decision makers to explore alternative land-use management options.

Supporters began discussing this study in March 2007, and had extensive dialogue with the Bow River Basin Council, Calgary Regional Partnership, and City of Calgary to confirm that the UBBCES would complement their ongoing initiatives. Specifically, it was agreed that the UBBCES’ priority should be to develop and deliver an education piece
that would tell a compelling story about the direct effects of land-use on water. There was also general agreement that
the goal of the UBBCES initiative was not to make policy but rather to inform and influence policy makers. It was also agreed that it would be valuable to make every effort to work with other project teams, particularly the Calgary
Regional Partnership, to harmonize assumptions and develop suitable land-use scenarios.

Download the final report: Final UBBCES Natural Capital Report.pdf 2014

Download the Phase 1 report: UBBCES_Report-May_Phase1_Final.pdf Revised July 2010

Download the report: Upper Bow River Basin Cumulative Effects Study – Phase 1 & 2 Technical Report

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